Week 3, Project 3, £0

Gosh, this last week has just flown by!  I had plans to get so much done but with the wedding coming up (only two weeks today!) other things have taken over.  I was determined to try and keep to my crafting schedule though, and as my 3rd project is another one for The Big Day, I just had to crack on!

My lovely yarn bowl present along with its gorgeous tissue wrapping paper

Now, during a recent crochet course, one of the lovely ladies gave me a beautiful yarn bowl as a wedding present, and it came wrapped it 2 sheets of wonderful tissue paper which I loved.  I’ve really enjoyed using the bowl, but I didn’t want to throw the paper away, so I kept the sheets out on my table in the craft room in the hope that if I saw them every day, then a use for them would spring to mind – and it did!


I knew I wanted to decorate some jam jars to use for flowers on the tables at the wedding, and my initial plan was to use wire and beads to make little decorative handles for them.  However, looking at the tissue paper, I decided to have a go at some decoupage instead.



Getting ready to start

If you’ve never tried decoupage before, it’s really easy and very satisfying.  The name comes from the French verb ‘to cut out’ and it’s a brilliant way of decorating all sorts of different items, as well as making use of scraps of pretty paper too.

There’s a great little beginners’ guide to decoupage which will explain exactly how to get started here .


About to set off!

Depending on what you’re doing, you can carefully cut the paper pieces for decoupage, or tear them to give a nice rustic look which is what I wanted for this project.  I set to work tearing up the tissue paper into smallish pieces, and got my trusty PVA/water mix out again (as you can see, I’m starting to run low so will definitely need to replenish my supply soon!)  Then it was simply a case of covering an area of the glass with glue mix, then popping a piece of tissue paper on top and covering the paper with the glue mix too. Next I placed another piece of tissue on the glass, so that it slightly overlapped the first piece on an angle, and covered that in glue mix too.  I then worked my way around all of the jar. adding one piece of tissue at a time, and ensuring that the tissue pieces overlapped as I went so that the glass was properly covered.

Glasses drying upside down in the sunlight

Once I’d layered up the tissue paper on each of the glasses, I picked each up in turn and slowly turned it round inspecting carefully to make sure there were no gaps.  I realised I’d missed two or three little bits but it was easy enough to cover them up with another piece of paper, before leaving them all to dry on the kitchen window ledge.  Once they were dry I gave them all another coat of PVA/water just to protect the tissue paper as it’s so thin and I wanted to make sure it was properly attached to the glasses.

I could have put more layers of tissue on the jars too but I really liked the delicate look that I’ve got so far so decided to leave it at that.  As you can see from the photographs, I’ve left the rim of the glasses clear (where the tops would screw on) as I’m thinking about putting some ribbon on them.   I’ll have a little experiment and post a photo of the final jars once they’re all complete 🙂

So there you have it, project number 3 finished (well, almost!)  Now, what to do next …