Week 21 Update – Onwards and Upwards!

Wow, where has all the time gone!  I’m coming up to half way through my 52 project and realise that I’m woefully behind 🙁

The wedding took my eye off the ball for a few weeks (understandably!) and I managed to almost get back on track again, but I’ve had a bout of extreme tiredness which hits me from time to time and this has taken its toll.  I really wanted this project to be something I would enjoy, and definitely didn’t want it to become stressful at all.  I was reminded of the wonderfully therapeutic benefits of crafting when a friend sent me the beautiful quote in the photo below.  So, rather than thinking about how far behind I am, I’m going to focus on what I’ve achieved so far!  To date I’ve had great fun making 11 projects:

  • 2 crochet mice (Knit and Purl) to sit on my wedding cake
  • A paper ‘map’ box for my wedding rings
  • 24 decoupage jars for wedding flowers
  • A Proggy heart (this is a work in progress, but getting there!)
  • A pair of socks for Mum knitted on honeymoon
  • Some lovely pot pourri made from my wedding bouquet
  • A Liberty project bag
  • A poem picture made from flower printed paper
  • Crochet face pads and soap bag
  • A Memory tray
  • Coco’s revamped basket (watch out for this post tomorrow!)


I started with £52 and have managed to only spend £4.94 up to now (ribbon for my project bag, essential oil for the pot pourri and a darning needle to sew up Mum’s socks), so there’s still money for future projects if needed, although I’m really keen to spend as little as possible.

I still have the wedding wishes tags to make into bunting, and I have a list of ideas for future projects so, without further ado (and my crafting mojo back)  I’d better get started!

Thank you for sharing my journey so far 🙂