Week 2, Project 2, £0!

Well, I was wondering what to make for my second project when I walked into the wonderful Recycling Peasant on a spur of the moment trip to  Darlington.   I’d never been into the centre of Darlington before, but Mr HoneyB was attending a writing event so I decided to have a wander around the shops while he was busy.  I was just on my way back to meet him when I saw an intriguing looking alleyway, so I just had to explore and I stumbled across a quirky little studio.

The Recycling Peasant in Darlington


The Recycling Peasant is run by the lovely Jackie whose mission is to make use of things others no longer want.  I bought a gorgeous pair of earrings from her which she put in a pretty little paper box that she’d made.  I told her all about my ’52’ project and she suggested that I make a box for my second item.


After a quick demonstration from Jackie showing me how to fold a square of paper into a box, I was all fired up and began thinking of what my own box would be for, and what I would use to make it.  With my wedding looming, I decided something for The Big Day might be a good idea, and plumped for a little box to put our wedding rings in.  The next decision was what paper to use?  It had to be something I already had so I wouldn’t have to spend any of my precious budget, and I remembered the old road atlas I’d found when I was clearing out the boot of the car the previous day.  As we’re off to Skye for our honeymoon, I thought that would be the most appropriate map to choose, and there were 2 pages to work with which was great.

Completed box made from pages from an old atlas

After a bit of manoeuvring I managed to position one of the maps so that Teangue, which is where we’ll be staying, would be on the front of the box and more or less in the middle, so I was ready to cut out my square and get folding.

If you fancy having a go at making one of these little beauties yourself, there’s a fab little video tutorial here.  Once you’ve made your box base you just take a very slightly larger square of paper and fold it in exactly the same way to make a lid – easy peasy!


Varnishing the box with a PVA & water mixture


I soon realised that the thin atlas pages wouldn’t be very sturdy, so decided to give the box a few coats of varnish.  I used PVA glue that I’d mixed 50/50 with water.  In fact I have a jar of this on permanent standby in my craft room as it comes in handy for so many things!


Mini crocheted mat

Once the box was finished, I thought that the rings might rattle around a bit, so had a look for a smaller container I could place inside.  Now, I have to admit to having a bit of a thing for little boxes and tins, and it just so happened that I’d kept the gorgeous little tin we got from the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh (which is where we were having afternoon tea when the lovely Mr HoneyB proposed!)  As well as the afternoon tea, they gave us lots of little goodies to take home, including a gorgeous mint in a little tin which turned out to be the perfect size to fit inside my box.  To finish it off, and to make sure the rings would sit snugly, I crocheted a little circular mat using a Mermaid’s Purse Yarn that was specially dyed for me for the wedding by the lovely Sheena.  She even named the colourway ‘I Do’!

So there you have it, one custom made box complete with mini tin just waiting for two wedding rings to make their home inside 🙂

The finished box, plus tin, all ready for the rings!