Time For Bed Said Zebedee

When I was sorting through all the bags of wool that are currently hiding under my table the other day I came across the Attic24 Jolly Chunky Bag that I’d started to crochet last year.  I’d got as far as finishing the main bag, but still needed the handles and all the ends were waiting to be sewn in.    I was about to start when I wondered if there was anything else I could use the bag for instead.

Now, as well as her basket in the kitchen (see Project 11) Coco the Chihuahua also loves to sleep by the radiator in the front room.  Currently she uses a couple of thin cushions, but I thought this bag would make a much nicer bed for her instead, I just needed a nice comfy cushion to put inside the bag.  When it comes to bedtime, Coco chooses to sleep upstairs on a large foam bed that has frankly seen better days.  So, I decided to cut some of this foam to make the cushion for bed number 2  and make bed number 3 smaller (I hope you’re following all this!)

I drew around the base of the bag to make a paper template which I then used to draw a circle straight onto the foam.  Because the foam was quite thick (it was 8cm deep)  I had to put the scissors in vertically and ‘chop’ my way around the edge of the circle, but it wasn’t too difficult once I got started.

Now to cover the cushion I found a rather lovely blue print in my Liberty stash.  Because the sides and base of the cushion wouldn’t be visible once it was in the bag, I opted for a plain white cotton and decided to just use the Liberty fabric for the top.

I used my paper template to cut out one Liberty fabric circle for the top and 2 white circles for the base, making sure I added a 1.5cm seam allowance.  I then used a piece of wool to measure the circumference of the template as this would be the length of white fabric strip I would need to make the side of the cushion (again allowing a 1.5cm allowance).


Once I’d sewn the side to the top blue circle, I folded the 2 white fabric circles and positioned them so that they would overlap slightly on the base to create a gap to insert the cushion.  (I wanted to keep it nice and simple and didn’t want to have to put a zip in as I didn’t have one, but obviously that would have been an option).

Now that the 2 base pieces were sewn in place, it was simply a case of trimming the seam allowances, turning the cushion cover the right way round and inserting the cushion pad!


As you can see, the cushion fits nicely inside the bag, and Coco now has a comfy bed for all her front room sleeping 🙂

All that’s left is for me to try and get a decent photo of her in it!