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Paper Bag Noticeboard

My latest project used up some of my ribbon stash and an old copy of Booktime.

These paper bags are so easy to make and are a great way of using up old magazines.  If you have any old gift bags you can take one apart and use it as a template, or simply follow the method below which I discovered here.


Take your piece of paper (any size) and fold over a small ‘hem’ along one of the long edges.  This will be the top of your bag (this stage is optional really, but it reinforces the top of the bag where you’re going to punch holes).

Next you mark the centre of your paper and fold the right side and then the left side into the middle so they meet exactly.  Tape the edges.

With the back of the bag facing you fold over the bottom of the bag (as much or as little as you like) then open out each of the sides as in the photo above.


Next you fold the bottom half of the base up to the middle and then do the same with the top half.  Tape the join.



All that’s left to do now is to punch holes at the top and thread your ribbon through.

Thread your ribbon so the two ends are at the front.  You can either glue them together and glue your bow on to cover the join, or do what I did and sew them.  It’s really quick and is nice and secure.


Make as many of these bags as you likes, all different sizes




You can use the bags as gift bags for presents, or you can pin them to a notice board and use them to keep your receipts, tickets, bits and pieces etc in.

You could make the bags stronger by putting reinforcement rings around the holes, and popping a piece of cardboard cut to size inside the bag so it sits snuggly on the base.






Mini Noticeboard

I’m definitely one of those people who keep things in ‘safe places’.  You know the places I mean?  They seem a really good idea at the time, but when it comes to actually finding the receipt or piece of paper you need, somehow you can’t quite remember where you put them!


What could be better then than a little mini noticeboard so I can clip receipts etc in full view.  I had a few of these mdf mini boards left over from a workshop a few years ago, so thought I’d have a go at decorating one.


I had a root around my paper and card stash and found a lovely piece of thin card with a pattern and wording I really liked.

I placed the board onto a piece of baking paper and drew around it, making sure I marked where the holes were too.  I was then able to draw the exact shape I wanted onto the baking paper and cut it out.  Because the baking paper is translucent, it’s easy to place it over the card and position it so that you get it exactly where you want it before drawing around the edges and cutting out the card.


I used double sided sticky tape on the back of the card to attach it to the board.



I thought a couple of buttons might be a nice addition, so had a little play around with various colours and shapes before deciding on two yellow flower buttons (which I attached with small pieces of double sided tape).


I then used a gold gel pen to work my way around the edges of the card to give it a bit of definition.




Next it was time to add the two little pegs.  They came in a mini jar and I thought about leaving them as they were (plain wood) but then had a go colouring them in using the gold gel pen.



I used double sided tape again to attach the pegs to the board, making sure I spaced them evenly apart and the board was almost finished.


I was tempted to use some twine to hang the board but settled for a nice piece of yellow ribbon from my stash in the end.  It was just a case of threading it through the holes and knotting it at the back and hey presto, one mini noticeboard!