Project 3 Update

Yeah, I’ve finally got around to finishing off the jars I was decorating to go on the tables at the wedding, so that’s another thing to cross off the list 🙂

With just over a week to go to the Big Day, there are just a few little jobs left to do, but all the big things are sorted now, so I’m really enjoying the build up to the day itself.

Northside Farm, Horsley

I went along to our wedding venue (Northside Farm in Horsely) a few days ago for the final run through with Olivia, the lovely owner.  It was the day of Storm Hector, so an interesting journey, with plenty of branches on the roadside and piles of leaves everywhere.  Once I got to the venue though, the sky was bright blue and the view across the valley was incredible.  If we get a sunny day for the wedding it will be wonderful!

I’m really looking forward to going back next Sunday to set the room up ready for the ceremony on Monday.  With it just being a small do, it shouldn’t take long, but I can’t wait to put all the flowers out and make it ‘ours’.  I’m also really looking forward to bringing my jars back home afterwards and using them at home as they’ll be a lovely reminder of the Day 🙂


HoneyB inspecting my handiwork!

So, last week I’d got as far as decorating the jars with the tissue paper, but still needed to finish them off.  I had a good root through all my old bits of ribbon and ironed anything cream or yellow that I thought would go and that was the right thickness to cover the rim of the jars.

I tried them all out, picked my favourite bits, then used my glue gun to attach the ribbons to the jars before popping on a button or two to cover the join and add a bit of detail.  Simple!



Just waiting for some flowers …

The plan is to mix the decoupage jars that I’ve decorated with some blue ones I found in a local charity shop during one of my regular visits.

All that’s missing now is the flowers!!  I’ll post some photos after the wedding so you can see them in situ and let me know what you think 🙂