One Small Step …

I regularly see inspiring on-line posts now from folk who are trying to find ways of cutting down on their use of plastic and find alternatives to the single use/throw away culture we seem to live in.  One thing that’s caught my eye from within the crafting community is the use of crocheted cotton face pads in place of disposable face wipes,  so I thought I’d give them a try.


I used a lovely free pattern I found on the wonderful Ravelry website, and the pads were quick and easy to work up.  The pattern calls for double knitting thickness yarn, but the cotton I had was all 4ply so once I’d completed the 3 rounds the pads were a little on the small side.  I thought about doing a fourth round of half  trebles, but plumped  for a border round of double crochet in a contrasting colour instead (working one dc in each of the stitches in the previous round).


A lovely piece of hummingbird cake always helps!

The pads were so quick to crochet I decided to see if there was another similar project I could find that would use the same cotton.  I came across another free pattern from Ravelry for a little soap pouch which I love!  It’s ideal for holding lots of bits of soap that are too small to use, or you can just pop a full bar in and have a lovely massage as the soap lather works its way through the gaps in the crochet, and the texture of the crochet exfoliates your skin.  It can take a little while to work up the lather, but it’s definitely worth persevering.

This little soap pouch is a great way to practice crocheting in the round on a small project, and you simply start with however many chain stitches you need to fit your particular bar of soap.  You can stick to one colour, or experiment with whatever scraps of cotton you have.  Once you’ve reached your desired height you work a row of eyelets (see pattern) through which you can thread ribbon, or you may prefer to crochet a tie to use instead.  To do this you crochet a row of chain stitches to the desired length then, starting with the second stitch from the hook, work a double crochet in each of the chain stitches all the way back to the beginning.

If you’re anything like me, it can be a little overwhelming when you see photos of the huge amounts of plastic currently to be found in the oceans, or pictures of devastated rain forests or mountains of land fill, and the danger is we feel powerless and do nothing.  I’m pleased to be able to find a few little projects that enable me to make a start, and hopefully, if we all do a little more, we can start to make a difference.  One small step …