Introducing HoneyB, the busy bee responsible for beautiful books and lover of beautiful places.

Follow HoneyB on www.facebook.com/honeybridgehouse  and see if you can guess where she gets to every week on her mystery travels.

HoneyB will wing a short verse to the winner of each week’s competition.


Last week’s photo was quickly identified by Cathy Frank from Portpatrick who recognised the location as being Loch Lochmond (the village of Luss).  It turns out Cathy has a photo taken from almost exactly the same spot having visited the village some years earlier!

#HoneyB blows
her nectar kisses
to the flower
of Portpatrick



Check out www.facebook.com/honeybridgehouse every Sunday and see if you can guess the next location.

Good luck!

New Books Coming Soon!

I’m currently working on two new journals – a wedding journal and a creative writing journal – and hope to have them available to purchase soon.

The journals will be similar in design to the Book Of Dreams and priced at £12.95.

HoneyBridge House in Whitley Bay!

You can now purchase a range of HoneyBridge House books at the lovely Re-Create Today in Whitley Bay.  As well as selling a range of unusual gifts, Re-Create Today run a series of workshops, details of which can be found on their facebook site (facebook.com/recreatetoday).