Memory Tray

craft, decoupage

One bag of many!



For years now I’ve been collecting train tickets from special journeys, wristbands from concerts, cards from guest houses, brochures from tourist attractions, place mats from cafes, and lots of other bits and pieces that bring back wonderful memories of happy times.  The only trouble is, I’ve never really found a way of displaying them anywhere, so they remain in bags in the cupboard.



craft, decoupageWell, sorting through my craft room the other day I came across a mosaic kit that I’d picked up for a couple of pounds at a charity shop years ago but never got around to using.  When I took a proper look, I didn’t particularly like the colours of the little mosaic tiles in the kit, but I loved the little wooden tray that was in there.  It was very plain and would need decorating somehow,  so I thought it might make a good canvas on which to display my paper memories.


craft, decoupage

With a little bit of help from Coco the chihuahua 🙂

I began by choosing a few of my ‘souvenirs’ from a variety of places and experimented with different layouts, overlapping the items so that I could get plenty on the small tray, but in such as way that you could still make out what they were.  Once I was happy with how everything looked on the tray, I carefully lifted everything onto the table, keeping the design intact, then I took each item, one at a time, and began gluing them down.  I found that as I worked I changed the design slightly, substituting items or changing their positions until I was happy with how it all looked.  I used lots of my trusty PVA and water mix to stick everything down, making sure there were no air bubbles or build ups of glue around the edges of individual items.  Once it was dry I painted a further 3 coats over the entire tray, allowing it to dry in between coats.

craft, decoupage

I’m really chuffed with how it’s turned out and the tray has pride of place on the coffee table in the front room.  I still have bags full of other souvenirs I’ve collected, but at least I’ve found a home for some of them and I can relive those memories every day now 🙂