It’s A Hard Life!

Well, after saying in my last post that I wanted my ’52’ project to be enjoyable, and not stressful at all, I managed to delete every single one of the photographs that I’d taken on my phone over the last 6 months with one press of a button!  Obviously that included all of the step by step pictures I’d taken for this particular project too – I can’t tell you how sad I was when I realised they weren’t backed up 🙁

My latest project was a revamp of Coco the Chihuahua’s basket.  When this little cutie is not sitting on my lap, she likes to curl up in her bed by the radiator and snooze the day away – it’s such a hard life!




The photo I took of the old basket was deleted unfortunately, but the picture to the right shows the tartan fabric it was lined with along with the old crocheted blanket that I’d managed to felt by washing it in water that was too hot!


The basket was lined and had a thin pad inside for comfort.  When I removed the pad, I could see that the lining was simply attached by sewing through the fabric and the wicker of the basket with white thread just under the rim.  I carefully unpicked the thread, and used the old lining as a template to help me cut out the new one.  I’d already chosen a lovely bright green Liberty cotton print from my stash for the job.  Before cutting it out however, I drew around the pad onto greaseproof paper and then laid both templates – the pad and the lining – on the fabric to make sure I would have enough for both pieces before I started cutting.  With a little bit of rearranging I just managed to get them both on with a little bit of fabric left over.

There was no preparation as such needed for the lining.  I just folded the top edge over to the wrong side of the fabric a couple of centimetres to ensure there was a nice neat edge at the top.  It was a little fiddly sometimes getting the needle through the wicker but I just took it slowly and worked my way around the rim, making sure that the fabric (right side towards me) was hanging down nice and flat and I wasn’t sewing in any tucks without realising.  I then put in a line of stitches to secure the lining to the base of the basket which hopefully you can see in the photo below.

Once the lining was secure, I set about the task of covering the pad.  This was simply a case of cutting out 2 identical pieces of fabric with a small seam allowance.  With the wrong sides together, I sewed almost all the way around but left a 12 cm gap for turning the fabric back to the right side and inserting the pad.  Before doing this however, I cut out tiny triangles of fabric in the seam allowance along the curved edges which meant that the finished piece would lie nice and flat.  Finally I hand sewed the 12 cm gap that I’d left using small, neat stitches.

All that was needed now was a new blanket!  In the end I decided on a Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet design as I’d been doing a few C2C workshops and really enjoyed the technique.  It produces a lovely dense texture, and if you can crochet a Granny Square then you can easily turn your trebles into this interesting pattern.  I opted for 3 different colours, but if you choose one of the gorgeous self-patterning yarns available you wouldn’t even have to change colour and you’d have no ends to sew in either!  If you fancy having a go at C2C, I can highly recommend this Bella Coco tutorial, but let me know if you have any problems 🙂


And here’s the final result!  It’s really hard to take decent photos of Coco, but I think she approves! 🙂