In The Car Wash

I tend to do a lot of my knitting and crocheting in the car as my lovely husband usually does most of the driving, and my latest project started life in the car wash on our way out to lunch last week.

I don’t know about you, but once all the Christmas decorations come down, the front room can look a little bare?  I decided that a nice quick fix would be to make some bunting to go across the mantle piece, so I set about crocheting some small pennants.  I thought about fancy shapes and patterns, but in the end I kept it simple and went for a classic triangle ‘granny square’ pattern as follows:

Chain 4 then slip stitch to form a circle

Round One:
Chain 2 (counts as one treble) then work 2 trebles into the centre of the circle
Chain 2, then work 3 trebles into the centre
Chain 2, then work 3 trebles into the centre, chain 2
Join with a slip stitch to first chain 2

Round Two:
In any of the chain spaces from round one Join new colour and chain 2 (counts as one treble) then work 2 trebles.   Chain 2 then treble 3 into the same chain space (this will form one of the points of the triangle)
Chain 2, then work 3 trebles, 2 chains and 3 trebles into the next chain space
Repeat above in the final chain space
Chain 2 then join with a slip stitch to first chain 2

Round Three:
Join new colour and repeat as for round 2.
As well as points of your triangle, you will also now have side spaces on this round.
In all side spaces work chain 2, treble 3 and chain 2 before working the points.
In a traditional granny ‘square’ there’s only 1 chain in between the side spaces, but I found usually only 1 meant the triangle didn’t lie flat, so I used 2 chains between every group of 3 trebles.

Round Four:
Join new colour
The patterning repeats that used in round,  working points and side spaces as appropriate.

Once your triangles are complete it’s simply a matter of sewing in the loose ends.  They really benefit from a quick press to make the points nice and pointy!  To do this you simply pin them out on the ironing board and give them a quick steam (making sure the iron never touches the yarn).  As soon as they’re dry they’re ready to use.

Although I used a different colour for each round,  you could just as easily keep to the same colour for each of the triangles.

Initially my plan was to just used crocheted triangles, but then I thought about popping a little flower in between each of the triangles to break it up, so I set about making a few flowers too.  There are lots of really lovely flower patterns available, and Attic 24 have some gorgeous ones.  Their Teeny Tiny Flowers are particularly cute, but feel free to use whatever pattern you fancy and make them as simple or decorative as you fancy! I added a button to the centre of each of my flowers just to liven them up a little bit and add a bit of extra interest (and to help get rid of some of my buttons too!)

Once I’d crocheted a few triangles and flowers it was time to spread them all out on the mantle piece to work out exactly how many I’d need.  Once that was sorted, I needed some kind of cord to sew them all on to.  I started out just making a long row of chain stitches thinking I would have to work back along them with a double crochet maybe to get the thickness I needed, but as it happens the row of chain stitches was perfectly adequate on its own, so it was nice and quick to crochet up.


I also realised that instead of sewing the triangles on to the chain ‘cord’ I could just thread the cord through the holes in the triangles – simples!!  I popped a safety pin on one end of the cord and threaded it through the triangles one by one.  Once they were all on it was an easy job to spread them out to the positions I wanted them, and then sew the little flowers in the gaps between them.

When it came to the ends of the cord, I decided to tie a little bow at each end rather than leaving them hanging, but again that’s entirely up to you.  I used blu-tac to fix the bunting to the mantle piece so fingers crossed it stays up there for a while!

Can you spot Knit and Purl – the two little mice I crocheted as my very first project – up there on the mantle piece too?