I Could Have Been A Contender!

Well, I think my latest project is a serious contender for my favourite so far!


Mum and I went to York just before Christmas and came across this lovely book in a vintage teashop.  It’s called Granny Chic, published by Kyle Books and is packed full of what it calls “crafty recipes and inspiration for the handmade home”.  I was lucky enough to find a copy of it in my Christmas presents and have been leafing through the pages ever since deciding on what to make first!



The ‘perfectly peachy’ half pinny caught my eye straightaway as it seemed such a brilliantly simple idea – basically you use a tea towel for the main apron, add a pocket and some ties!   Duly inspired, I set to work looking through my supply of tea towels until I found the one I wanted (the one I chose had quite a lot of floral detail at one side, with the rest of the tea towel being pretty plain and I reckoned that would give me scope to use some of the floral Liberty prints in my stash).

To be honest I think playing around with different fabric and ribbon combinations was possibly the most enjoyable part of the project.  It really is up to you how decorative you choose to make your pinny and that’s what makes it truly unique.

I decided for the ties to join a selection of different fabrics together rather than use a long strip of the same print (I ended up with 5 sections in each of the ties), so this part took a little longer than it could have done.  Once the ties were complete though, I simply stitched them to each side of the front of the tea towel and turned my attention to the pocket.

Once I’d chosen the fabric for the pocket and decided how big I wanted it, I had a play around with other bits and pieces.  In the end I opted for a strip of ribbon across the bottom of the pocket, and a contrasting top, but again, just go with the flow and see what combinations you can come up with depending on what materials you have available.

Once the top and ribbon were sewn on, it was time to sew the pocket itself on to the tea towel.  I made sure I tacked the pocket on first and checked I was happy with the position before I sewed it on.  It would have been nice maybe to add some lace to the bottom of the tea towel but I didn’t have any in my stash so I couldn’t.

I made the ties long enough so that they would go around my back and then come round to the front again to be tied, but again this is something you can adapt to your preference.

Ooh, I feel like a proper Domestic Goddess now – time to bake some fruit scones I think! 🙂