French Knitting Carrick Bend Mat Knot

I’ll bet lots of you had a go at French knitting when you were little?  These little dolls are also known as knitting Nancies and they’re great fun.  They produce a lovely knitted braid like an i-cord which you can use as embellishments for bags, hats, blankets etc or coil into mats of various sizes.


If you’d like to make something a little more advanced, there’s a lovely tutorial showing you how to make a knotted coaster from a long length of French knitting.  A note of caution though – the tutorial mentions a braid of 1.8m but I’d be inclined to make 2m to be on the safe side.

Once you’ve made your braid, this incredible animated knot tying site will show you exactly how to turn your braid into a Carrick Bend Mat knot.  Once you’ve made the knot, it’s simply a case of adding a felt back and you have your coaster.  Of course, you could always pop a brooch fastening on the back if you fancied, as it really would make a rather splendid brooch!