Frankie the Fish

For some reason I seemed to have acquired a rather large collection of jars (I think I had romantic notions of making lots of lovely jams and chutneys to give people for Christmas but somehow that never happened!)   After a bit of Googling, and a few lost hours on Pinterest, I decided to make a little crochet goldfish to keep me company in my craft room.

I came across a really excellent free guide here from Eden Reborn, which I can highly recommend.  I’ve adapted it slightly as the jar I chose was smaller than the one shown,  so there wasn’t as much room inside, hence my fish is minus a dorsal fin (but he seems to be managing okay without it so far).

The guide gives a really detailed pattern to follow, but basically it’s a case of crocheting a rectangle and a couple of oval shapes for side fins, the size of which will depend on the size of your jar and what else you want to pop in.   The rectangle becomes the fish’s body and after you’ve sewn on the fins and added a couple of beads for eyes then hey presto!  you have a little goldfish 🙂  You then need to attach a length of invisible thread to the fish as this is what you’ll use to make him ‘float’.

Basically you can be as creative as you want when it comes to decorating your fish’s new home.  When I’d made Frankie and glued his invisible thread to the underside of the lid (watching out for those awful strands of hot glue that seem to get everywhere when you use a glue gun) I decided he looked too lonely all by himself.


However, because my jar was on the small side, there wasn’t really much room to pop anything else in.  In the end I decided to print out a photo of a coral reef (there are loads of royalty free images available if you Google).  I popped a strip of double sided tape along the top edge so that the photo would stick to the jar (the bottom end is just held in place by all the tiny seed beads I put in).


Just as I was screwing the lid back on again I noticed a little jar full of the charms I’d used for the previous bottle bank project, and decided to pop one of the turtle charms in too to keep Frankie company.  I think you can just about make him out on the sea bed having a well-earned rest!

This project has got me thinking now about the potential for a whole menagerie of animals in various containers!  What do you think?