Baby Baby Bunting

I’ve come across all sorts when I’ve been rooting through my stash recently – lots of unfinished projects that might finally see the light of day now.


One thing I found was a short piece (5 pennants) of bunting that I’d made to sell a few years ago.  I really loved the colours, but unfortunately I couldn’t make use of it at home as it said ‘baby’ on it!



However, the length fitted perfectly across the front of one of the cabinets in the kitchen so I decided that I’d just turn the bunting over and sew some hearts on what would now become the front.

A quick search through my Liberty bag found a lovely blue floral print that was perfect for what I wanted.  On a scrap of paper I drew a heart freehand and cut it out to make my template.  Rather than putting the heart on all 5 pennants, I opted for just the blue ones, so I only needed 3 hearts.


It couldn’t have been easier to sew them on.  Once I’d pinned them in place (2 pins, 1 on either side), I used a zig zag stitch on the machine to applique them on (no tacking needed).

Hopefully you can see from the photo that the stitching doesn’t have to be perfect (neither does the cutting of the heart for that matter) as it just adds to the rustic look of the finished item.


I’m really pleased with the finished result, but looking at the photograph it’s made me realise it’s probably time to sort through my crockery – I can’t believe how many plates and bowls I’ve accumulated!!