A Splash of Colour

As well as hosting the wonderful Yarndale festival every year, Skipton is home to some rather lovely charity shops!  Two years ago, on a break from woolly workshops,  I picked up a gorgeous green linen coat that has stayed in the back of my wardrobe until recently.  There were a couple of buttons missing and, whilst I loved the colour and the fit, I thought it looked a little ‘sad’.

I reckoned a little bit of colour was what was needed, so it was time for my fabric stash to make another outing!  I draped a few possibilities over the shoulders and left them there for a while so that I could decide which I liked best.

Once I’d picked my favourite (a lovely Liberty fabric), I had to decide how I was going to use it.  I didn’t want to overdo it, but just add a bit of colour, so thought I could redo the pockets maybe and the ties on the back of the coat.  Initially I thought about removing the pockets entirely and replacing them in the Liberty fabric, but realised that, as it was a tana lawn fabric, it wouldn’t be strong enough, so decided to simply stitch the patterned fabric directly on to the existing pockets.

I made a paper pattern template for the pockets (it turned out they were slightly different shapes) and the back ties, adding a 1cm hem all the way around, then cut out the pieces once I’d ironed the fabric first to make sure there were no creases in it and it would lie flat.

I folded over 1cm all the way around and tacked each of the pieces ready to sew onto the coat.

I pinned the pieces onto the coat then, using a green thread I slipstitched the pieces in place, one at a time.




Next it was time to hit the button stash to see what I had!  In the end I plumped for the plain wooden buttons as I thought the others, pretty as they were, would just be too much colour, and they didn’t really match.



Once the buttons were sewn on I gave the coat a good iron and hey presto – it’s ready for its first outing!