52 Projects, 52 Weeks, £52!

Well, my little business has been going for just over two years now and lots has happened during that time!  HoneyBridge House has evolved from just making handmade books to offering workshops in book binding, then workshops in lots of other crafts too such as jewellery making and proggy mats.  Workshops are great fun, and I’ve met some truly lovely people, but it’s been difficult juggling lots of different crafts so I’ve recently decided to just focus on knitting and crochet.  This is allowing me to really hone my skills which I’m thoroughly enjoying, and I have to say it makes for a much tidier craft room too (although you’ll see from the photo that there’s still a long way to go!)

                       Things can only get better!

There are lots of wonderful things about    running your own business and working for yourself, and I really enjoy helping other people learn.  However I sometimes struggle with the lack of routine that I used to get from ‘regular’ work.  Workshops tend to be most popular at certain times of the year, and there are definite lulls early in the year and during the summer.  One of the other issues is that often I spend most of my time making items for workshops and not for myself (the danger of turning your hobby into your business I suppose).

Like many crafters out there, I have built up a rather impressive stash of fabric, buttons, wool, beads, paper etc etc, all of which I’m loathe to get rid of as you just never know when you might need them do you?!  So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge … to make 52 projects, over 52 weeks and only spending no more than £52.  The idea is that I will finally be forced to raid my craft stash as I will try to make use of what I’ve already got rather than buying anything new, I’ll finally get to make lots of lovely things for myself, and I’ll have a bit of routine into the bargain by posting my progress every week.  What could possibly go wrong?!

And so to my first project …

Mr HoneyB and I are getting married on 25th June and I’m trying to incorporate a few handmade bits and pieces into the wedding.  I’ve made the cake myself from a recipe given to me by a wonderful friend.  It’s a lovely fruit cake (or at least I hope it’s going to be lovely!) and we’re having it plain with lots of gorgeous local cheeses as you can’t beat a nice bit of fruit cake and cheese can you?  Anyway, I was all set to buy some felted mice to display with it when I decided that 2 little crocheted mice would make the perfect first project.

I’ll post my progress on Monday and let you know how it goes … 🙂