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Week 8 – So far behind!

The Honeymooners return …

Well I’m finally back home after a wonderful wedding and honeymoon, and boy am I behind with my crafting!

Views like this one overlooking Knock Bay in the south of the island are definitely not conducive to work!

Naively I thought I’d be able to take lots of my HoneyBridge House work away with me to Skye and be incredibly productive, but it didn’t quite work like that.  Instead I found that I began to slowly unwind until I was so relaxed all thoughts of work disappeared completely.  The scenery in that part of the world is simply stunning, and the pace of life so much slower that it becomes impossible to do anything in a hurry.  It was such a lovely feeling to just live in the moment and wring the most out of every second of every day.

However, whilst I didn’t manage to get any of my admin done, I did find time for plenty of relaxing crafting during my time away.  Some of this was planned (I’d been given a birthday voucher for a day at Dragonfly Studio on the island, and was really looking forward to improving my spinning with the owner, Annie) but lots of it just happened by chance – like the RSPB Open Day we stumbled across where I got the opportunity to make a bird box and try my hand at sunlight printing.  You can rest assured that all of this ‘happenstance’ crafting will most definitely find its way into a project or two over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

Wedding projects – update

Another thing that didn’t quite pan out as expected was the number of photographs of my projects that I envisaged being able to take during the Big Day itself.   I ended up having far too much fun enjoying myself to even think about taking photos, but thankfully lots of other folk have sent us their pictures as mementos of the event.

We were blessed with glorious weather, and having all the immediate family together was just wonderful, and made it such a special day.


See if you can spot Knit and Purl the crocheted mice, and the decoupage flower jars on the table amongst all that cheese and cake!









On the eve of the wedding we went up to the venue in Horsley and set up the tables with the flowers and a selection of games – all ready for afternoon tea the following day!



The Wishing Tree – bunting in waiting!


Everyone wrote us a lovely wish to hang on the tree, so I’ll be looking at turning them all into bunting very soon.

So, where does that leave me in terms of my 52 Projects challenge?  Well, I’ve certainly got some catching up to do, but have plenty of ideas and the beginnings of a few items already started.  Now that I’m back home (with no more major events planned to distract me!) I can get down to business and crack on!

Watch out for project 6 appearing next week …